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The top 4 benefits of data center colocation

Mar 21, 2019 1:27:00 PM Colocation, Data Center

racksquared_colocation_blog_img_0319Many companies today are shifting from managing their data in-house to outsourcing to a proactive data center who can store and manage their data off-site. To understand this shift, let’s take a look at the definition of colocation and learn more about its top benefits.

What is Colocation?

Data center colocation is a process through which a business can rent space for its servers and other computing hardware within an existing data facility. The customer usually supplies the equipment: servers and other hardware necessary for daily operations, while the data center provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security. Space in the facility is often leased by the rack or cage.

Colocation providers can lease space to various tenants in large or small increments – including security, and redundant power and networking. This gives organizations the agility to safely and securely deploy infrastructure and interconnect with other colocation tenants in the data center to do business together and centralize IT operations.

What are the Benefits?

Data center colocation could be the right choice for any business of any size, in any industry. It enables not only quick deployment of your storage infrastructure at remote locations but also provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Businesses are now able to focus on their day to day without having the added stress of managing their data in-house. Additional benefits include:

24/7 Support

Racksquared Data Centers have staff available 24x7x365 and are always monitoring the facility. You also have the benefit of accessing your colocation rack at any time, day or night.

Redundant Networking and Cooling

Because of redundancy built into data centers, you receive the benefit of a robust environment for your critical equipment. All of Racksquared Data Center’s networking is redundant with additional spaces on-site. The internet connection is a blended mix of three separate carriers for certain resiliency and provides connectivity up to 100Gb. Our data center is also equipped with four independent cooling units for redundancy, so at any point, a cooling unit can be taken off-line for repairs or maintenance.

Enhanced Security

We have a security team monitoring the data centers 24x7x365. We also have lockable racks and cages for our colocation customers. These highly available and secure data centers keep your vital assets safe even if your company experiences unexpected incidents, such as flooding or fire damage at your corporate headquarters.

Certified IT Experts

Our expert IT team follows guidelines to ensure your data is safe. Racksquared Data Center is both SSAE 16 Type II and PCI DSS Certified. Learn more about SSAE and PCI Certifications and Racksquared Data Centers Colocation Solutions

Racksquared Solutions that Protect Your Business

At Racksquared, our expert staff understands how to navigate today’s complex IT environment. We are always investing in the latest technology to bring the best solutions to our customers – saving them money and responding quickly to their unique needs.

Are you interested in learning more about what Racksquared is doing to provide proactive data services? Contact us at 855.380.7225 or email to

Carl Miller

Written by Carl Miller

Carl serves as the Manager of Products and Solutions and has been working in the IT space for over 30 years.

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