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Bringing your data to cloud backup: What does it take and why?

Aug 31, 2019 9:38:00 AM Disaster Recovery, Veeam, Backup

racksquared_blog_img1_0819_2If your business is ready to take data security more seriously this year, implementing cloud backup is a great place to start. There are several important benefits of cloud services. When you back up your information in the cloud, you’re ensuring that your company’s documents, contracts, spreadsheets and more are protected if the original copy gets misplaced at the office. You’re also protecting yourself if documents are destroyed in the event of a natural disaster such as flooding or a fire.

Moving your data to the cloud doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Discover three easy steps to get started today.

Gain a Better Understanding of Cloud Backup

If bringing your business’s data to cloud backup seems like a massive undertaking, you can rest assured that that’s not the case. In fact, you’re probably already using at least one type of cloud system in various aspects of your business. For example, social media sites like YouTube and Instagram operate on cloud systems. The online banking system that your company relies on is also cloud based, as well as your Gmail email system.

Essentially, the cloud allows your business to stop investing in inhouse pricey storage equipment that may or may not fit your company’s needs in the future. Instead, it hosts your data on the internet, in a secure online system that allows you to access it whenever you need to. Think of the cloud as a huge, advanced, digital filing cabinet for all of your important information.

Get Started with Cloud Backup

The first step to getting started with the cloud is determining how you want to organize your information in the online storage system. If you already have a streamlined, efficient way of managing your data within your existing computer systems, your data center partner can replicate this organizational structure in the cloud. Otherwise, moving to the cloud is a fantastic opportunity to reorganize the way your team accesses company information.

When implement cloud backup with Racksquared, you’re never left to navigate this process alone. We ensure the configuration process is simple, and that you understand what’s happening every step of the way. We also guarantee end-to-end encryption, and even offer a free 30-day limited trial to ensure it’s a good fit for your team.

Hire a Team of Professionals to Help You

When it comes to cloud backup, choosing the right data center team is key. In fact, it’s the most important part of the process! Be sure you’re partnering with a team who is experienced, reputable and accessible when you need them.

Additionally, ensure that their pricing structure works for your company’s needs. Before committing, inquire whether or not you’ll be able to alter the size of your cloud plan if your data needs change. Getting started with cloud backup should be as simple as signing up, configuring your backup with the help of an experienced team, and backing up your data as frequently as you need to (with the help of automated systems that work without you ever worrying about them).

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