by Carl Miller

Colocation: The Who, What, and Why of this Data Security Option

Jul 8, 2019 10:58:00 AM Security, Colocation, Data Center

As a business, it can be challenging to predict where a company's infrastructure will be five years down the road. That's why many companies are choosing to partner with a colocation provider.

How Does it Work?

Data Center Colocation is an excellent solution for IT to enable the quick deployment of their server infrastructure at remote locations without the large capital outlay or long lead times required to develop their sites. Because of redundancy built into data centers, businesses receive the benefit of a robust environment for their critical IT equipment. Additionally, data centers are committed to keeping your essential assets safe even if your business were to experience unexpected incidents, such as flooding or fire damage at your corporate headquarters.

Why Would I Use Colocation?

Colocation offers many benefits that can help your organization both now and well into the future. Some of these benefits are outlined below

● Reduced expenses: Despite having to purchase software and hardware, the costs over time will be significantly lower by going with colocation because you'll be able to manage your resources with less staff.
● Adjustable to your needs: As your business experiences growth, your storage needs will grow along with it. With colocation, you have the option to add servers as you see fit, giving you the ability to meet your company’s technological needs.
● Unrivaled reliability We are experts in security and protection. We worry about this so you don’t have to”.
● Consistent costs: When you work with a proactive data center, like Racksquared, you’ll always know how much to devote to your budget for this expense without any surprise costs coming up.
● Keeps your servers safe: One aspect of data security some companies don’t account for is storing their data offsite. By doing so, you mitigate any downtime that could happen as a result of a fire or flood to one of your buildings.

Protect Your Business

Our team at Racksquared can help you navigate all the complexities of the IT environment and help you find solutions that best fit your needs. We offer a wide range of colocation offerings from 1U of rack space to several racks enclosed in a private cage. Contact us today to learn about colocation pricing at 855-380-7225 or email

Carl Miller

Written by Carl Miller

Carl serves as the Manager of Products and Solutions and has been working in the IT space for over 30 years.

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