by Carl Miller

What Recent Ransomware Attacks Have Taught Us

Jun 24, 2019 12:41:00 PM Security, Managed IT Services, Backup

racksquared_ransomware_blog_img_0619_2IT systems these days are so critical to the success of any business, but even with the conveniences afforded by technological advancements, many companies don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place should they experience unplanned downtime. According to the State of Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness Annual Report, 57% of IT professionals surveyed have had at least one system outage in the past three months and 60% of companies don’t have a fully documented disaster recovery plan. Organizations need to prepare for everything from natural disasters to cyber-attacks.

The most recent cyber-attack in Baltimore, Maryland showcases the lasting impact of not having a plan in place. On May 7, 2019 hackers used ransomware called RobbinHood to take control of some of the city’s computers and servers, shutting down access to some of the city’s most important services. Because ransomware allowed hackers restricted access to certain files, they were able to demand payment, with no real guarantee of allowing access back to the business after the fact. Baltimore’s recovery from a RobbinHood ransomware attack remains a slow, painstaking process — and some systems will need to be completely rebuilt, city officials have told media outlets. The malware attack and resulting fallout suggest the Maryland municipality did not have a proper cybersecurity and disaster recovery plan in place. Not having a reliable back up plan in place can cost a business on average $5,000 per minute.

Implementing and Maintaining a Disaster Recovery Plan

Ransomware outsmarts today’s top security solutions, so having and maintaining a backup plan is essential. When outsourcing to a proactive data center, 96 percent of companies fully recover from unplanned outages.

Let Us Help

At Racksquared, our team of data center experts understands the complexities involved in protecting one of your most important assets: your data. This is why we take the time to learn more about your business operations, then design a plan around your needs that will have you feeling confident about the security of your data.

You can gain peace of mind with Racksquared’s disaster recovery services. We’ve helped hundreds of companies prepare for the worst. We have 24/7 monitoring and protection to protect against data and revenue loss. Let us help you find the right solution for your business needs. Contact us today at 614-437-4944 or email

Carl Miller

Written by Carl Miller

Carl serves as the Manager of Products and Solutions and has been working in the IT space for over 30 years.

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